Friday, May 03, 2013

Dear Little Nies: Letter #1

Dear little Nies,

Hey guys!!!
Daddy and I made it to Paris yesterday afternoon!
The airplane ride was so looong, and I tried to sleep,
but it is hard to sleep sitting up.
We got to Paris around 11:00 yesterday, just in time for
a baguette and cheese for lunch!

What a beautiful city it is here! 
Daddy and I both want to bring you here with us sometime!
There are scooters everywhere, and fun cafe's on every corner!
  {On our balcony of our hotel}
We went to check in at our hotel and daddy accidentally booked us to stay
on May 12th instead of the 2nd.  Luckily they had a room available for us anyway!
Our hotel is on Boulevard Sebastopol- we have a balcony on the 5th floor. 
Our hotel room is tiny but very quaint and kind of romantic.
We got in the hotel room and took a little nap.
I cried myself to sleep-I missed you all so much.
Dad said I would get better, and it was normal for a mommy to feel this way.
It's just that I am so far away from you guys!
{Dad picking his nose}
 {Walking to dinner}
 {Eiffel tower at dusk, and sparkling at night}

Dad and I decided to go to the Eiffel tower, so we hopped on the metro (subway) and rode there.
We stepped out of the metro, walked up a few steps and there it was, standing as majestic as ever.  The Eiffel tower!!!!!  I immediately thought about Jane,  Jane, you would love it!
{I know you are dying to come to Paris- we will bring you someday!}
We stayed around for it to get dark and then at 9:00 it lit up and sparkled like a million people were on the tower taking photos with flashes.  It was amazing.
I bought and ate half of a Nutella donut and then we headed back to our hotel,
but before we got onto the metro, we got you each a little surprise.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring??

I miss you all so very much.  I love and think about you all the time.
I will write tomorrow!

Love you,


P.S.  Did you guys get the notes and surprises we left for you?
P.P.S. I miss baby Charlotte so much it hurts.  Give her big kisses from me, ok!