Thursday, May 16, 2013


{Mr. Nielson with Dave in Copenhagen, Denmark May '13}
I have this amazing brother-in-law.  
His name is Mr. Dave Barazoto.
He is an Italian sweetheart and loves muscle cars- just like me.
Mr. Nielson and I spent almost 2 weeks in Europe with the whole Nielson clan, 
but we really had some amazing conversations with Dave 
(aka: Projector Dave} and his lovely wife Diane 
(Mr. Nielson's second oldest sister}
Dave has been through an incredible journey and was so kind enough to retell
some of his stories and lessons from deep down in his heart.
He has changed his own heart as well as others and in his life changing process.
He knows first hand what the Atonement of Jesus Christ can do, and how
it can change people, families, and relationships.

Dave was taking flying lesson's with Doug at the time of the accident.
Dave was flying with Doug right before Mr. Nielson 
and I took off that hot day in August.
In fact, Dave was the last person I saw on the ground waving to us as we
 flew up up and away to New Mexico.
For that, and other reasons, I have such a tender spot for him in my heart.
He is another big brother to me and I love him very much.