Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby talk

Whenever I feel down, the best thing I do is move. 
Move my body and not stop even when I want to soooo bad.  {and sometimes I do}.
When my body aches and I feel sore, moving is the best medicine.
My baby girl Charlotte is learning to stand- its more like a surfer pose though.
I was feeling so achy- my skin sore and tired so I took the children and we went to the park near my home and spread out a blanket.
We had some Cafe Rio for dinner and we all watched Charlotte learn.
It's amazing to think how much she still needs to learn.
When something is hot, or cold, or when not to touch, or when to be soft.
I was trying to teach her "nose"and "moon".  
I even mentioned to Mr. Nielson when "Gangster of Love" song came on the radio, 
that someday and for whatever reason she will know every single word of that song- like we do.
These beautiful moments are why I am a mother.
I am grateful- even with pain and disappointment, I am so thankful that I am a mother.
And seriously, look at this face!