Tuesday, May 21, 2013

9 steps

Two of my favorite Lottie photos above.
She took NINE steps today.
I was so excited I cheered and clapped and then she started to cry.
I am so proud of this little monkey.
She loves to get in the refrigerator while I am cooking.
It works out mutually for us both since she is busy while I cook and I 
can get meals on the table without any problems.
 She loves to rearrange the fruit but not before having a few bites.
I can safety say, Lottie hates lemons.

My heart breaks today for Oklahoma. 
 I am sick and sad for them.
Please pray for them and those who are affected and involved in helping
them recover.
Prayers that they will find safety and peace again soon.

I am mugging on all my children tonight.