Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekend plans

It's the weekend!
{photo by Justin Hackworth}
Our family is headed to Laguna Beach over the weekend.
I have a few work opportunities next week and we are talking the whole family.
Mr. Nielson's big brother and family live in Laguna.  
You can walk out on their porch and almost touch the sand.  
It will be so fun to go and relax.
Lately I have been experiencing horrendous stomach cramps again.  
I am starting to think I never had gallbladder problems 
and the whole surgery and weeks of pain was a waste.  
I am constantly feeling stomach pains.  I am SO SICK OF THIS!
I had a mini break down tonight as I lay on my couch in pain.  
I don't want pain to be my life.
  I don't want to be the mom who lies in the couch and watches her world go by. 
 I feel like that lately.
Mr. Nielson talked me through everything and I felt much better 
(in my head at least).
I know how to rely on the Lord.  I do it everyday, 
but I need more faith to get this figured out.
I just feel so discouraged sometimes!!
I have a lot on my plate right now.
Packing for this Laguna trip (for me plus the five children), and preparing to 
leave to Europe with Mr. Nielson in a a few weeks. 
 I need to plan, prepare, and make 
sure everything is in place here at home while I am gone. 
It's all piling up, and I probably have an ulcer.
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Happy weekend!

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