Monday, April 08, 2013

Still a scrub

Hey everyone! 
 I am still in the hospital.
I am feeling much better now that my gallbladder is out of me!
What should have been a normal procedure turned into a very complicated 
gallbladder surgery.  
Since my accident, everything is sort of messed up inside me.
Also, just as I suspected, IV accesses was impossible to find, so they put
another picc line in my arm.
I miss my family so very much, and I can't sleep without my Mr. Nielson.
Occasionally I'd walk myself around the hospital floor to exercises and
stretch my legs and muscles. It felt good, but I look and feel like I am
about eighty years old. 
I walk hunched over drowning in my hospital gown, dragging my IV pole after me.
I have probably eaten about 20 cups of crushed ice today.
Dr. J. took out a very large scar band from behind my knee all the 
way to the top of my thigh which makes it painful to walk.
Hopefully I am going home today and getting back to normal life. 

I hope you had a great weekend!  LDS Conference was amazing!

Happy Monday!