Monday, April 22, 2013

Sensitive Jane

I am blogging from Mr. Nielson's brother Peter's home in Laguna Beach, California.

I type this with the window open and I can hear the waves crash on shore. 
It's pretty amazing and very relaxing.  
Just what I think I need.  
My stomach is still very tender and I am exhausted.
Last night, Mr. Nielson and I spoke to a group of about 
700 youth and adults.
It was a wonderful night and I met so many amazing people.
I feel so honored.  People are so kind and good to me.  

This was the first time I brought my girls to listen to me speak.
I have always been so hesitant because this has been such a hard situation
for our family.  I didn't want them to listen to the pain and heartache we
as a family suffered throughout the first few years after the accident.  
But the girls both wanted to come so I brought them.
I was speaking about the heartache I experienced when Jane rejected me
the first time she saw me in the hospital. 
Clane was sitting front row left of me and 
I could heard little quite sobs coming from over in that area.  
It was my Jane.
She was visibly very upset and even walked up to the 
stand where Mr. Nielson was sitting.
She curled up on his lap and cried on his shoulder all the while I was
trying to keep it together and stay focused.
It hurt my heart, but I told how Christ healed my
relationships with my family, particularly with my Jane it felt so triumphant.
After my talk and we were settled at home, I pulled Jane close to me
and looked in her blue eyes and asked her how she felt.
She told me she just felt so sad and remembered those days.
But how grateful she was that we have moved on.  I agreed.  
We are going to have a wonderful time sitting on the beach today
together, and with the other little Nies and Mr. Nielson.
Quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and warm.  

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