Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pain is hard.

{photo by Justin Hackworth}
Pain is hard.  Physical and emotional pain. 
Tonight at family prayer, 
I asked the Lord to help those affected in the Boston catastrophe 
to find comfort in God.
He is the only way to heal.  
People, service, medicine, doctors, nurses, and family can certainly help, 
{believe me, I know!} but the only true way to heal is through the Lord.
I hope they will be directed to Him at this time.
I am reminded of this every single day as my body is healing.
It's been slow to bounce back.
But with very earnest and sometimes very teary prayers, 
I do experience healing.  Sometimes it is very very slow.  
But I see the peace that only He can give.

I got dressed this morning, put on make-up, then I handed Charlotte to 
Christian and went to bed.
I was still so sick.
I am often discouraged.  
I am often depressed and wonder when I will be better again.
Charlotte woke up 5 times last night with the squirts.   
Poor little bum of hers.
Breaks my heart.  
But we just keep on, don't we?
We move forward with a prayer in our heart and smile on our face...
(most the time)
And know that God will pick up those pieces that I can't.
He will bless our lives with the courage to face a new day,
even in pain.