Friday, April 12, 2013

I share this weekend:

Its the weekend.  Great.
I am not so excited like I should be.
I am still in bed, still in pajamas, and still feel dizzy with the barfs.
My stomach is black and blue from the gallbladder surgery.
I will most likely be still in bed the entire weekend.
Praying that Monday will be the start of my way back to normal.

Often I share with you some of my favorite things.
Here is what I am into lately:

1. Little Miss Basics.  These onesies are perfect for baby! 
I love the fabric and the way they look under dresses. 
If Charlotte could talk, I'm pretty sure she would tell me she
 loves the way the cami onesie fits under her church dresses.

2. Sung-a-bug.  Warmth without bulk.  
These layers for Lottie saved my lunch this winter. 

3. Studio C.  My kids are obsessed.  Think clean SNL.  
I had the chance to visit the studio and participate in a taping 
with Clane and their friend Jenna.  
 Good laughs were had by all.
{This blurry picture is us with Studio C funny girl Whitney}

 4. shoe clips.  I ordered a few for my girls to wear with their shoes
for school or church or whatever.
They are the perfect accessory for a plain shoe.

5. I am on the look out for a a good baby bike carrier.
I can't decide if I want Charlotte to be in the front of my bike or the back of me.
Any suggestions and favorite brand?
I have been looking at these:

6. Mr. Nielson pulled up in his truck yesterday with our favorite bike out of storage-
I highly suggest you check one of these babies out for the summer.
Best bike our family ever got!

7. Finally, did you know that April is Distracted Driving month?
Last month I told you about my sweet friend Dave who was hit and killed by
a distracted driver.  Pledge now to NOT to text or talk on a phone while driving!
I watched a few videos on the website about the victims of distracted driving.
Broke my heart!  Spread the word!!!
Go HERE for more information. 
e-mail my friend Haley, Dave's daughter to see what
more you can do to help

Have a good weekend
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{for peace at home}