Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting better

Today is the last day of April!!
April was a bad month.
I was sick the whole month.  It was long and depressing.
I was in the hospital three times and had about 30 tests done.
Gallbladder removed, ulcers, infections, and the barfs.
I am feeling much better, thank goodness.
I am so SO grateful for a healthy body!
The weather has been so beautiful lately.
Mr. Nielson pulled all of our bikes out of storage.
He also attached Charlotte's new bike seat to my cruiser, and off we go 
each evening after dinner.  A favorite family activity.
Life is getting better. 
 Hard times pass eventually and good times come.
I think it's being patient during the trial and 
then trying to learn from whatever you went through is hard part.
Even through all my pain and suffering, I am still learning this.
It is a difficult and beautiful process, 
and is only possible through the atonement
of Jesus Christ.  I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and children.
They serve me and help me.  I am also so lucky to have amazing
sisters who brought in meals and checked on me daily.
My sister in law Katy seriously brought me a Jamba Juice every single day.
Not a day went by that she didn't check on me in someway.
She is amazing with a kind heart.
Dr J. has done so much to help me feel comfortable and pain free.
Even sweet Dr. L. called from Phoenix to check up on me.
I feel so blessed and loved.

Here's to hoping that May brings good health and good memories!