Monday, April 15, 2013

Drama over the weekend.

How was your weekend?
In the hospital, again.
I passed out on Thursday.
One minute I was walking in the bathroom to get a Kleenex and then
everything went black and I couldn't breathe.  
I called for Mr. Nielson who came running to my rescue.  
He caught me as I fell limp.
 I woke up with Mr. Nielson hovering over me dialing 911.
I was back in the ER.
Dr. J. met me there and pumped me full of fluids and told me he 
was going to pull my drain out. (aka: monkey tail}
The painful drain coming out from where my Gallbladder used to be
It was causing sooo much pain!
 I told him he couldn't even think about doing anything to me 
without a little versed on board. 
{{I was in lots of pain people.}}
That was administered, and then I was really loopy, and probably 
embarrassed myself over and over again.  
(why do people drink? I'd be a lousy drunk)
I don't remember Dr. J pulling the tube, but I remember looking at my 
sweetheart, Mr. Nielson over in the corner of my hospital room falling asleep.  
I love him.  He is so dedicated and good to me. 

After all of that hoopla, and drama Mr. Nielson got me a Chipotle burrito and 
then I slept from 2:00 that afternoon until 9:00 the next morning.
I felt so SO much better. 
Then at home I did an overwhelmingly amount of laundry.
And Mr. Nielson made scones and cinnamon rolls.
The cinnamon rolls didn't really work out because he didn't know that you 
need like 2 cubes of butter to slather those delectable sweets in.  
He told me he used maybe 2 tablespoons and thought that was a lot of butter.  
That boy.
I am so thankful for a healthy body that can do everything I tell it to.  
When I am sick and in pain I try and remember that even though this body of mine has her limitations, It still can function fine.  
I can take care of my children, which is something I have missed terribly these past few weeks.  
I am slowly coming back to life and just in time for Spring.  
Utah is beautiful this time of year.  
The weather is a little dodgy- in fact,  
I think it will snow today-but the colors are out full force.

*Thank you to the wonderful staff, doctors, and nurses at 
I am so thankful for your expertise and service!!