Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cardigan Empire

I had the throw-ups today.
I think taking pain meds on an empty stomach is to blame.
I feel miserable.
I have a drain coming out of my stomach and a 
picc line coming out of my right arm.
This makes is extremely difficult to hold Charlotte or hug anyone.
I feel like a hermit.
I can't get over how thankful I am for good health.  
I can't get over how crappy being sick is.
As I lay in bed today, I watched my dear friend Reachel 
(and the children's godmother}
on her youtube channel explain how to dress properly for a specific body type.
{You can also find more information on wonderful blog.}
It is classy, bright, smart, and very informative. 
I think you should subscribe, watch and take notes so you can 
enjoy dressing yourself with good proper advice.
She is amazing.
I consulted with Reachel before appearing on the TODAY show  
and other appearances to promote my book.
{photo taken from Reachel's blog}
This video is my favorite from her Signature Style Series.
I think because I discovered that I like to dress myself in the Romantic style.
 Reachel, how about you make a tutorial on how to dress for when you are sick 
and in bed all day long.  What PJ's will make you feel most normal and somewhat
cute.  Also, are there ANY crocs that you like?
I have a pair that I live in.  Please tell me they are cute.

(that is what Reachel calls me)