Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

How was your weekend?  This was mine:

*Let Charlotte enjoy her first Joe-Joe. (see attached photos)
*Attended a beautiful funeral for Dave...amazing man.
*Attended a wonderful concert at Primary Children's hospital for a 
young woman who once was a patient there.  
She is amazing, and I was honored to attend.
*The children skied for the last time of the season. 
*Spring is on the way- Mr. Nielson tuned up the bikes and his motorcycle.  
We are so excited!  
*Watched Cirque du Soleil with my children.  About twenty minutes into the movie we turned it off.
It was like one huge horrible bad dream- the kind I had in the hospital.  
*Oh, and I stayed home from church with Lottie.
She has a cold and hasn't been sleeping- We woke up both exhausted and grumpy.
 Happy Monday!!