Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend plans and onion rings

 What does your weekend look like?
Mr. Nielson is turning into Mr. Scout-master Nielson and camping 
with the boys in our area.
I just hate sleeping alone while he is gone- I hate it soo bad. 
Tonight I will probably bring Charlotte in bed with me so I am not so alone.

I woke up this morning with a craving for onion rings.
I told Mr. Nielson and he asked me how bad I wanted them.
I told him bad enough that if he said he'd take me right now 
{9:30 am} to get some, I totally would.
So, we did.  Yum.
As we were in the drive- thru, Nicholas asked if he could tell the other kids who 
were at school of our early morning onion ring escapade.
 {this really is such a novelty}
 I told him not to tell a soul.
Then he asked me if he could tell the kids when we all get to heaven.
I told him that would be an appropriate time to share the news.
I hope Saturday evening, Mr. Nielson and I get to go out on a spiffy date.  
I guess I am leaving that that up to Mr. Nielson...{you reading this honey?}
He just oiled up his motorcycle for the warmer season.  
We have been on a few rides together.  Nothing better- nothing.
And then Sunday is church.  
I can always count on church to be spiritually uplifted.
 I use Sunday's to reflect on the week and resolve to do better.
Here's to doing better!!

I hope you have a great weekend too.
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