Friday, March 01, 2013

Speaking, signing, snoozing, and laughing

Happy March to you! 
Today I spoke to the Molnlycke health professionals.  
I shared my story and expressed my gratitude
 for everyone who was involved in my recovery.
Specifically the men and woman there at the conference.
I also signed some books and met some very wonderful people.
My children joined us and sat patently (mostly) while I met hundreds of people.
After I spoke, Mr. Nielson took the children to Universal Studios while 
Lottie and I slept in the comfortable hotel bed.

{thanks Claire, for taking this photo}

After our snooze, Lottie and I headed outside to the sunshine.
We ate at the hotel restaurant together,
It was fun being with just her.
 Mr. Nielson came and picked us up and we all went 
back to Universal Studios together.
I haven't laughed that hard for quite some time.
It was awesome.
Next stop, Arizona.  
I am speaking at a few firesides while I am there.  
I am anxious to see friends and family as well.
Its great to be in the sun with my darling family!

Happy weekend to you!
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