Thursday, March 07, 2013


Just a few highlights of my life these past few weeks:

 Mr. Nielson and I escorted our oldest daughter Claire to a church function
called New Beginnings.  I am proud of her desire and
excitement to always want to do what is right.
 I feel old, how do I almost have a daughter who is 12??
Jane's excitement for yoga.  Just like me.  I love it.
 I saw this on the kitchen table:
Which then lead to this photo:
{I am assuming they are "pretending they are strong guys"}
Charlotte still rocks my wold everyday.  
Gerald still alive and strong and living in the pink throw-up container
the hospital discharged me with years ago.
{I knew that thing would come in handy at some point again}
He gobbled down 12 crickets in one sitting today.
Spring is in the air!