Friday, March 15, 2013

Golden Slumbers


While I was still in a coma, my dear friend Mindy Gledhill held a benefit concert
in my behalf in Arizona.
This clip (above) is part of that concert where she invited 
my two girlie's to the stage to sing with her {favorite part at: 4:22!!}.
This song was one of our favorite lullabies before the accident,
 and is even more dear to our hearts now.
I remember Christian getting me to watch this in my bedroom after I 
was just released from the hospital.  I was so so sad.
It was so depressing.  Jane still wouldn't look at me and I felt so 
disconnected from everyone I loved.
  I remembered watching this video sobbing because
while those sweet girls were being taken care of by amazing family, 
they had no idea that I was so sick and incapable of being
a mother- or a person- anytime soon. 
 Wow, lots of emotions even as I write this.

Watching this video now makes me so thankful that I pulled through,
I lived for them...I know I did.

Thank you Cameron-and everyone involved, this is amazing.

Happy Weekend.