Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Charlotte for breakfast

 Today as I fed Charlotte breakfast I couldn't help think how wonderful she is!
She is absolutely perfect.  She makes me feel happy and needed.  
I can't go anywhere without someone commenting on how darling she is
{or people asking why she has a big bruise on her head}
When the children are all gone for school, the house is 
quiet except her little noises and chubby legs crawling around.
She wanders off in the other rooms upstairs; 
makes a mess then comes back to check in with me.
Then she is off to another room and another mission.
Her little messes make me happy.  
The earphone cords tangled all over, books without
their jackets on, shoes pulled out of closets, 
and hand prints on the oven and refrigerator.
I am so happy, she makes me so happy.
Also, the ten bunches of yellow daffodils 
I bought at Trader Joes today make me happy too.