Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bay Area

Mr. Nielson, Charlotte and I spent a quick weekend in the Bay Area.
San Fransisco is such a beautiful city.
Charlotte is such a good little traveler, but I could sense she missed her brothers and sisters.
 Mr. Nielson and I were invited to speak to a group of nearly 700 youth.  We shared our miracles and experiences overcoming hard things.  It was nice to meet some very amazing people. 
I am so impressed with the youth- they are sharp, kind and genuine.
They desire to do what is right and make good choices.

I am always honored that I get to share my story with others.
It always wipes me out though, I am exhausted now- 
emotionally and physically, but so spiritually fed.
I just feel so blessed.

The end.

 {Kewpie came on the trip with us too}
 {We visited my sister Page's old home- good memories there-
 pretty sure Claire was conceived in that home ;}

Good to be home.

Happy birthday to my sister Courtney!
I love you Court!