Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Back to Normal

My family is back from our travels safe and sound.
All is well.
Now it is back to normal living.
I need to do loads of laundry, grocery shopping and play catch-up on homework 
among other normal day chores.
Truth is, it sounds great.  I am much happier with my steady day-to-day life.
I am happy at home eating my food and sleeping in my bed.
Speaking of beds, all four of my little Nies slept in the queen bed next to 
Mr. Nielson, Charlotte and I while we stayed in hotels and the in-laws home.
They lay like the Charlie 's grandparents 
did when they shared their bed in the film
Last night all four of them spoke to each other in their sleep.
It was so funny, Mr. Nielson and I lay listening and laughing.
Something about Lottie, cats, scary bugs, and the toys in the closet.
I wonder how much longer we can get our children to all sleep in the same bed...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Spencer Jones!
Men don't come better than Spencer...seriously.
 Love you and your Merrill's!