Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A woman's story

{This is Jennifer Connelly posing for Shiseido ad.  Jennifer is beautiful}

I was thumbing through my magazine a few weeks ago and came across this ad.
Its reads:
"A woman's skin tells her story.  Where she's been.
How she's lived.  What she's accomplished."
With Future Solution LX, your story will tell a radiant,
luminous and truly timeless one."

It really made me think.
Big news: no amount of that special cream could do 
anything to help "tell" my story.
My face says it all.
I don't think any creams, medicines, or surgery's can replace the real 
light or story in any of us- no matter what.
Don't get me wrong, I am SO thankful for the skilled plastic surgeons
who helped reshape and transform my face.  But no matter how amazing they are,
there is only so much they can do and only so
much they can fix to make someone beautiful.
Real beauty- true beauty, comes from inside us. 
Our hearts, our spirits, our light.
{March 2008}
 {March 2009}
{March  2010}
{March 2011}
{March 2012}

{March 2013}
My skin really does tell my story, where I've been, how I've lived,
and what I have accomplished (or been through) and I am still alive 
to tell the tale.