Thursday, March 28, 2013

A good job.

I was looking through some old photos of my children.
I think these photos perfectly fit each of my children's personalities.

Claire- sober and creative.
Jane- all smiles with fiery hair that matches her personality.
Oliver- pure, imaginative and adorable.
Nicholas- busy exploring life {and that is probably a Lego in his mouth}
Charlotte cheeky, sweet and prim.

 {Claire, November 2005}
{Jane September 2005}
{Oliver January 2008}
 {Nicholas March 2008}
 {Charlotte March 2013}

The photos of Claire and Jane were shot while we lived in New Jersey.
Oliver and Nicholas were taken in Arizona.
And, Charlotte in Utah.
I remember taking each of these photos, and I still can
remember where I was in my life.  
I remember feeling happy, content and very fulfilled as the mother.

I still do-this is my favorite job, 
its hard and frustrating and lots of times very
 monotonous.  It's exhausting and physical, but its my job.
It's a good job.
I chose it and I am doing it- everyday.  
Sometimes smiling and sometimes not so much.
Sometimes I hurt and sometimes making dinner sounds 
like the last thing I want to do.
But watching my children eat whatever I made that night does something
to my heart, and reminds me that I can finish the day.
{Also the thought that after the children are all in bed Mr. Nielson
and I are going to eat cereal and watch Friday Night Lights.}