Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend skiing

 I am so excited for the weekend.  I always say that, but I mean it. 
{just like I always mean it}
 I love how life slows way down and the responsibilities are lessened.  
It is such a good relief from the busy work week.
Every Friday I have planned a cross country ski session with Amber.  
Today we have decided to invite our husbands to join us. 
It will be fun, we just got some snow and I think the weather should be nice.
Mr. and Mrs Nielson and the little Nies don't have any other plans this weekend.
I am just going to let my days be filled
(or not filled-hopefully not) as they may.

Have you seen The Vintage Pearl's new website.  It is beautiful.
This gold chain necklace is catching my eye,
also, I really love these birthstone rings too. 

Happy birthday tomorrow to my little sister LUCY!!!

Spiritual Enlightenment: 

 Its amazing how much we need God in our lives. 
We can't do it alone.

Have a good weekend.