Thursday, February 28, 2013

Palm trees

As I type this, I am looking out my window.
The sky is a dark blue and the wind is blowing palm trees.  No snow in sight.
I am in Florida.
I came to speak to a group of medical professionals for a group called 

While I was in the hospital after my accident, I used some very sophisticated, and amazing bandages which covered my body and burns.  They helped my wounds heal with incredible progress.
Today, I will find it an honor to address them and thank them for being geniuses.
The children went swimming with Mr. Nielson last night while Lottie
and I got in the hotel room tub and went to bed.
She has been feeling so sick the past few days.
Mr. Nielson plans on taking the children to Universal Studios- I think Lottie and I will 
hang in the hotel room and sleep.  Sounds really nice to me.

Remember I posted about my sister Lucy's house being broken into?
Well they caught those stinker robbers!