Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Night in a tee pee

Last night, I found my boys and Lottie snuggled up her teepee near her crib.
The light inside glowed down the hall. 
I heard little voices and laughing.
I tried to sneak a few photos but then found myself inside 
cramped as Ollie told us about Princess Timpanogos. 
{who half way through the story turned out to be me}
Surprisingly, it was very calm and peaceful in that teepee and 
Charlotte listened with wide twinkling eyes.

It was such a moment in my day.  I love those calm moments.  I am keeping track of them, they create happy memories for me and help me remember that no matter what, my children are happy.
What could be better?
I am thankful for my little "teepee".  My home is calm, warm and quiet.
Just last week, my sister Lucy's home was broken into.  
Lots of her precious jewelry was taken.
We have installed a security system, Vivint to protect us.  
I am very grateful for them.
After I spoke to Lucy about her break in, she reminded me that it was just stuff.
She was grateful she was safe and her children OK.
It was a very refreshing outlook.

***But, robbers, BEWARE, I own myself a baby glock***
{I love the word "robbers"}