Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jane turns TEN

Jane turned 10.
Jane wanted a maxi skirt, and to have dinner at the 
waffle truck on her birthday.  
This request was made about 4 hours after last years birthday.
I got the maxi skirt and arranged for Provo's coolest craze-
 Waffle Love to pull up to her party at the house.
Adam (in chef's hat below) is the coolest chef I know!  
So kind and accommodating.
The awesome truck you see cruising around town is
 painted by his sweet wife Melissa.
Jane was so so SO surprised and excited to see it drive up to the house.
  It was the cutest thing!
In between bites of her delicious waffle, 
she told me this was her favorite birthday ever.
A 10 out of 10, I think she added.
Best thing a mom can hear, right?!
 Thanks to Justin Hackworth for coming over to document as the waffle truck surprised Jane!
Thanks so much to Waffle love for making Jane's dreams come true!
All of my other children want Waffle Love to visit them on their birthdays.
I may have started something.  
I hope Adam and the nice guys in the truck wont mind coming back?  
And thanks to Pinhole Press for helping to create such darling birthday invitations!

Check out this waffle creation- wowza! 

* * * * * *