Thursday, February 07, 2013

Friends and babies

Tonight I was going through some old photos.
I came across this gem.
This is Beth, my friend from Arizona.
Here we were at the Bagley New Years Party dressed up in Boy Scout gear.
Beth is holding her new adorable baby boy Ames.
I love how Charlotte is laying peacefully on 
Mr. Nielson's lap with her binkie and wolf scout necklace.

I am so thankful for good friends.
I am so grateful that when my friends get together we bring our babies
(most the time)
This is our "season" for bearing and rearing children-our babies.
There probably was 5 babies at this new years eve party.

Speaking of babies and the Bagleys, Congratulations to my sweet friend Reachel 
{aka: Godmother}
who recently had her baby #3.
Baby O is beautiful!