Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Busy, normal and steady

I was thinking today about what I was doing last year at this time.
I was recording the audio version of my book.
I was very pregnant and very emotional.
 Sitting day after day in a recording studio trying to read my book- 
my story- into a microphone was really hard and I cried most of the time.

Today,  I fed Charlotte peaches and strawberry's.
She was in a white onesie (as usual) smiling at me.
Each day comes and goes. 
Some days are super hard, and some days are incredibly rewarding and exciting.
But, most days are busy, normal and steady.
I love these kind of days.
I am grateful that everything usually goes as planned:
Packing lunches while making breakfast, sending children off, 
trying to shower with Charlotte opening the curtain every few seconds.  
Picking up Nicholas at kindergarten, greeting the children home from school,
ballet, dinner, showers, bedtime for children, Mr. Nielson time, and work.

If you asked me while I was recovering in the hospital four years ago
what the one thing I wanted right at that very moment was;
I'd probably tell you that I want to make dinner and sit down with my family and eat.
I'd look over each child.  
I'd watch them eat, swallow their food, pour water in their cups, smile, 
and talk about their days.  I'd watch their eyes light up when I spoke to them. 
 I really wanted to touch and hug my children too.
It was so painfully hard to touch.  For such a long time I couldn't.
I am so grateful I can feed my baby with the hands that could barely feed myself.
And, I am grateful I read Nicholas "Little Critters bad dream" 70 times today.