Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekends in a cozy home.

Happy weekend to you and yours.
Today is the first day of ski school for Claire, Jane, and Oliver.
Mr. Nielson and I are going to ski for the afternoon 
until the kids are done with lessons.
Then we will all ski together.
 As I type this, the snow is piling up outside- its going to be good skiing.
It's also pizza night.
I am going to make my own pizza like the good ol days.
Trying to get back into that tradition.  
There is nothing more I like better than stormy weather, 
all my children in our cozy home, pizza, and the weekend.
Oh, and my adorable baby.
I can't get over how darling she is.
While we were in Arizona for New Years, Lottie's two bottom
teeth suddenly appeared.  
Ollie and Nic are sad because they can't call her "toothless" anymore.
  It makes me sad too, but so overjoyed.
She is healthy and strong and I couldn't ask for anything more.
 I seriously take photos of her all day long.  I can't help myself.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday morning!
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