Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekend overload Photo post:

Happy Friday!

{Mr. Nielson, Lottie and I in Tarrytown, NY.  
Our recent trip back east to Connecticut wouldn't be the same if we didn't visit this darling place.}

I am ready for this much needed weekend.
I spent a good portion of my week working.  
It will be good to slow down and enjoy some quiet time and NO homework.
The "little Nies" have ski school at Sundance Ski resort today.
I am going to another Sundance film this afternoon with my sweet friend Amber.  
Amber's husband is Chad.  Chad is the general manager at Sundance.  
They are new friends of ours- good dear friends.
It's also pizza night tonight.  Claire has requested pesto this time around.
Speaking of Claire, tonight as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I saw etched on of the unripe bananas "C+T".  I asked her what that meant and she shook her head and said "nothing" with a little giggle.
She is growing up. 
In 5th grade for me, I had a crush on Spencer Duncan.  
He had like 3 pairs of Girbaud jeans.  Hot.
Oh boy.
Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.


My awesome friends and photographers Blue Lily  {Wendy above}
have announced their world tour.  
Are you apart of it yet??  You should be.  
Below are several amazing photos they took
of my family through the years.
  I'm a little obsessed with these baby's.