Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Texting with Jane

Mr. Nielson and I went to a showing at the Sundance Film Festival this evening.
I left my cell phone with the children at home.
I also left a list of things that I wanted them to do while I was gone.
You know; pick up backpacks, coats, hats and gloves, 
vacuum living room, and finish their homework.  
I also specifically told Jane to unload the clean dishes and load it back up with the dirty ones.
A few minutes after leaving the house Mr. Nielson got a text on his phone. 
It was from Jane.  She said:
Oliver hit Nicholas and Claire is trying to be the mom and tell them they have to have a time-out which is stupid because we don't even do time-outs in our family you know....
I texted Claire and helped resolved the problem.
About 20 minutes later as we were pulling up to the Sundance parking lot 
I got another text from Jane:
Mom, Oliver said his head hurt, can he watch a movie on the couch?
I said yes.
Then a text came in as I was walking into the screening room.  It read:
Hi mom, this is Jane.  I just remembered I was invited to a birthday party on Saturday. I don't want you to forget.  I need to get Lola a present and she likes anything red. 
And Harriet is going to go late to the party.  
{Harriet is Jane's favorite cousin}.
I wrote back:
OK Janey, we will find her something red.  
Did you practice your spelling words?
She texted me back about 10 minutes later:
Hi, mom, sorry I am texting you back now.  
I put on a movie for Oliver and then he
wanted some popcorn and I said no because it's not movie night.  
Can I paint my fingernails? Also, Nicholas just threw up
By this time I was in the movie with my phone on vibrate..
I got about 5 more texts from Jane during the film.
Then I got these photos she took of her loading the dishwasher.   
Does the dishwasher look right Mom?
And no I haven't practiced my spelling words.  
Will you curl my hair for tomorrow?
Well I better go practice my spelling words.
I love you.

**Congrats Reachel on baby Bagley #3!!!**