Monday, January 21, 2013


My weekend in Connecticut was wonderful.
Beautiful area and amazing people.
Thank you to all who hosted us (Checketts and Kinney family.)
Mr. Nielson and I had the opportunity to speak to a group of about 150 youth between ages 13-18.  
We shared our feelings of hope and finding peace and happiness among trials and tribulation.
I am honored to share my story with others.  
I really experienced a miracle that goes beyond 
what I understand fully and completely, so I feel so humbled to try and share 
some my story with others-especially the youth.
This evening, President Obama will be sworn in for his 2nd term as 
President of the United States.
As most of you know, I was a big Romney supporter.
I helped with his campaign and have about 45 Romney for President shirts.
I am still for Mitt all the way, and always will be-
but, I will support President Obama. 
 I will earnestly pray for him as he leads our great country.
And I will continue to pray for him and the other leaders that
serve with him for the next four years.
 Each evening when my little family kneels down for prayer, we will 
pray for those who are selected to serve and lead our country.
We expect a moral leader, one who will choose the right and see the potential
of the United States and its people- us- my children.
I don't agree with everything-lots of things- that he does but 
I need to focus in doing what I can in helping him achieve greatness in this amazing nation.

Good luck President and Michelle Obama, 
I hope these next four years will be successful for you and all Americans.
Honestly I do.
{Even though I have always had a crush on Mitt Romney}
Mitt 2016!?