Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow day(s)

This weekend brought us snow, and lots of it.
It was perfect for skiing.
Mr. Nielson and I planned on meeting the children up at 
Sundance ski resort to ski with them after their lessons Friday afternoon.
The snow fall was very significant making the roads slippery and traffic very slow up the canyon.
A bus carrying another elementary school of skiers went off the road.  
It wasn't bad or too dangerous--just very slow-going for almost 2 hours.
We waited as the snow plows helped get the bus to safety.
Mr. Nielson and I skied for a few hours together before we met up with the children.
The snow was almost to my thigh.
Powder and lots of it.
It was amazing.
I am SO grateful I can ski.  

The winter after my accident I remember looking out my 
hospital window in total despair
I never imagined my body ever skiing again- or ever moving again, really. 
I will never take for granted the way I move.
I have this amazing body 
(dislocated pinkie, painful hands, burned all over, big lips and all), 
and I vow to 
teach my children the importance of keeping their individual bodies 
clean, pure, and free from anything harmful.
I want them to always enjoy the blessings of a strong and energetic body.
Mr. Nielson and I are headed to Connecticut this weekend.
I will be preparing this week for that trek as well as preparing the usual 
weekly menu and grocery list.
I'll look over my calendar at the ballet carpool, church activities 
and plan my weekly date with Mr. Nielson.
These days are busy. Good busy.
Last night I lay in bed and expressed to Mr. Nielson how happy I was.
The sky was pink full of snow and I was happy and cozy in my bed.
I felt so blessed.
And then if that wasn't idyllic enough, out our window a 
family of deer stopped to eat from our apple tree.  
We watched in dark silence. 
Again, I felt God's love for me.  
Last weekend Mr. Nielson and I went to Tortilla Bar.
It was faboulous.  The avacado tacos were dreamy.