Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My ballerinas

Tuesday's means ballet.
Last Tuesday, I peeked in on my girls and watched them dance for a few minutes.
They moved their little bodies to the classical music freely and with grace.
They stood up tall and femininely danced across the floor.
I enjoyed watching them happy and confident.
They didn't know I was watching which made it even more fun for me.
I am so glad I have these girls in my life.  
They make my life unique and challenging, but mostly
very enjoyable.  
I love teaching them about their individual worth.
I love helping them understand how important they are.
I want them to feel God's love for them daily.
I predict amazing things will come from each of my children.  
They will be good at whatever they want and work at.
Mr. Nielson and I both want our children to trust in God's amazing plan
 for them, and make choices that will bring them true happiness.  
That will only come through being obedient, long suffering, and selfless. 
And I, as their mother am learning this every single day.
We are teaching each other.