Thursday, January 17, 2013


I woke up this morning with a stiff back.
I went to yoga which helped cure the soreness.
I came home and remembered I had a terrible dream, which is why
I am pretty sure I had a sore back.
Here it goes:
Mr. Nielson, who served his LDS  mission in Kentucky, 
was mad at me that I couldn't speak like the girls in Kentucky do.
I tried my best, but it didn't sound right.
Then it ended with me accidentally poking Charlotte's eye out with my clumsy hands.
It was a horrible dream.  Seriously, absolutely horrible.
When I told Mr. Nielson about it over breakfast, he begged me to try and talk
like I was a girl from Kentucky.  I tried, it didn't sound as good.
I'm over that.
 I have really been loving my mornings.
They are slow and calm.
The children leave the house in such a rush to get to school on time,
when the front door shuts I breathe a huge sigh of relief.  
We have really been working hard on getting the "little Nies" to school on time. 
 Its been hard.
This morning, I sat down with Charlotte and had breakfast.
 The blinds were wide open and the beautiful sunshine poured in.  
My view of the mountains are breathtaking!
Baby Charlotte is eating so much "normal people food".  But I still nurse her.  
I turned on the music from 500 Days of Summer.
It helped me forget about that wild dream I had.