Thursday, January 31, 2013

I want them to know...

 Today I have been thinking a lot about my family.
I watched this video last night with Mr. Nielson. 
It really made me think.
My children live here in our home with expectations.
They expect to be clothed, fed, bathed, and loved.
Mr. Nielson and I do everything we can to be sure this happens.
This is what parents do- this is what I want to do.
The children leave for school with full bellies (hopefully).
They have their coats, gloves, and hats on to protect them from the cold weather.
I want them to have their homework in their backpacks with a lunch
I made for them inside.
I want them to leave for school knowing I love them 
and I will be here when they return.
I want them to come home where the house is warm and welcoming.
I will hug them and ask them about their day.
I want them to know that I will prepare dinner and they will eat- 
usually, when the sun goes down.
After dinner, Mr. Nielson and I will be there to help with homework.  
Later, hot water will be available for a shower or bath 
after I will have fresh clean jammies for them to put on.
Then, I will put them in their warm beds.
 In this life, I expect them to do hard things.
I except them to try. They will fail at times, and succeed too.
I just want them to use the atonement of Jesus Christ 
in their lives to change, grow, and progress.
And, Mr. Nielson and I will be here all along the way to help them 
make good choices so they can learn with joy and not with sorrow.
Just like our Heavenly Father, He put us on this earth with a mortal mission to 
become the best we can be; the best parents, friends, sisters, brothers, grandparents, etc.
We can do it, and He will be there to help.
Just like I am there for my babies here on this earth.

Thanks to Gabby {Design Mom} for such a nice review about my book.
I know you wrote it about a year ago, but I don't think I've thanked you.