Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas Eve

Lets go back to December 24th, shall we?
It was such a cold day in Utah.
We woke up to snow.  Bright, beautiful fluffy snow.
I made crepes while the children changed into their thermals.
We were headed skiing at Sundance for the afternoon.

{Nicholas watches the snow fall in his pajamas}
After a long day on the slopes 
(and taking turns babysitting Charlotte in the lodge)
we came home, changed into our Christmas pjs and Mr. Nielson read to us.
He read from Luke 2 in the Bible and his favorite Christmas story-
Then prayers were said and we rushed four very antsy children to bed.
 {Taking turns reading about Christ's birth, as Mr. Nielson stokes the fire}

Before bed, Oliver sprinkled his reindeer food on the snow filled lawn.
Glitter and oatmeal sparkled in the crisp night.
We were all so excited.  
{Me and Lottie in our one-piece Christmas jammies}
After children were in bed, 
Mr. Nielson put together a train set for almost 2 hours.
Then we fell asleep on the couch watching 
We finally went to bed excited and exhausted and just in time 
for Lottie's nightly feeding.
Merry Christmas.
{Putting together a train set.  Wouldn't be Christmas without a train.)
**Other goings on a few days before Christmas:**
 *Lots of great snow
*Finishing up our family Christmas cards.
Thank goodness for my careful little girls.  They really helped speed things up.
*The classic sign I post on my office door...been there since November.

*Claire, Jane, Oliver and I visit my 
grandmother Marion at her assisted living home.
She shared with us some fun Christmas stories about when she was young.
I love her.  I am so glad my children know their great-grandmother.

*And, I finished a stocking for Charlotte.  
I choose deer, mushrooms, and a polar bear.  
Its purdy cute.
*Tomorrow I will post about Christmas day!