Thursday, January 03, 2013

Arizona in a post

Today is our last day in Arizona.
What a trip.  Being with our Nielson family was wonderful-as usual.
Out of Mr. Nielson's eleven siblings, five of them stayed at Nielson Control.
I thought it was going to be crazy, and it was, but so fun!
Here are my favorite photos of the trip:
Kissing cousins; Fritz and Lottie
 Fritz and Lottie at it again, cameras rolling**  Gramps and Lottie
Date with the Jonesons.  Spencer and Mr. Nielson chat about guns and stuff.
 Breakfast with the Johnson's and Bagleys.  
Here I am with beautiful brunettes Lyndsay and Reachel
 Here is Mr. Nielson with Andrew and Wesley
 Clane in the Nielson hub-the kitchen at lunchtime** Posing in Polka dots.
 Aunt Ashley mugs on Lottie.  Two beautiful redheads.
 My boyfriend Bear
Lindser making roasted marshmallow shakes 
and Lottie feeling Spencey's "kitty"(beard)
Mr. Nielson and I dressed up for the Annual amazing Bagley New Years Eve party.
Theme this year was taken from the weird but cool movie; Moonrise Kingdom.
I am going to be a great Den Mother some day.
As you may know, Mr. Nielson is already the Scout Master.
Good stuff.
First piano lesson for Lottie.
Oliver Christian turns EIGHT.
 I visited and showed off Charlotte to one of my very favorite doctors:
About 3 seconds before our visit, Charlotte had a blow-out in her car seat.
It leaked everywhere. I had a diaper but not a change of clothes.
Somehow Dr. L. had a perfectly good (and new) 
baby sleeper in his house for Lottie
to wear.  Who has a baby sleeper just lying around?  
Dr. L that's who.
Two amazing things happened at this visit.
1. I finally met Mrs. Dr. L.-Sarah.  
2. Dr. L really DOES have other clothes besides scrubs.
I am so thankful for Dr. L.  I can't thank him enough.  
I didn't want to get soggy and cry on him, but meeting him on Oliver's birthday 
was very special for me.  I got to celebrate my son turning eight because he saved my life.
It meant a lot to me. 
I love him {even if he tells me every time I see him, 
that my nose needs some work}.
Last but not least, the family took Oliver for his birthday dinner to  
A favorite pizza joint in Arizona.  I told him he could pick out one special 
treasure at the little store that joins to the restaurant.
He chose a journal and pen.
Tonight after I put him to bed I picked up his journal and read the story
he was writing.
 It's about a little egg and his amazing journey to becoming a dinosaur.
I believe he is that egg and this is just the start of his amazing journey.
All I could think was that God is so good.

**Happy Birthday to another dang awesome Surgeon...Dr. Jensen!!!**