Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Young Snowman

During Christmas break and after a big snow storm, my children decided to make a snowman for our
elderly neighbors up the street; the Young's.
They have a full-time nurse who lives with them...{we love her too}.
Our kitchen windows face each other.  
We wave to each other sometimes.  
In the mornings they are enjoying their breakfast and
 I am usually rushing the children out the door for school.
Or sometimes we wave a friendly hello when we are both sitting down for dinner.
Often the children and I try and guess what they are eating.
{We always guess soup}.
My children have adopted their backyard as their own, and even
named it "Cornithia"
It is large, very well kept, mysterious, and beautiful.
On this particular day, a few days before Christmas,
Oliver and Jane built a snowman right below their kitchen window. 
It turned out adorable.  Snowmen are so magical.
If I ask Jane or Oliver what the highlight of their Christmas break was, 
it would be building the Young's snowman. 

* * * * * * * *
Thank you Jordan (Oh, Happy Day) for such a beautiful and creative blog.
I have used many of your colorful ideas in my life.
I enjoyed your 2012 review.  
Can't wait to follow 2013.