Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I forgot my ipad password yesterday.  It was such a pain.  
I tried every single 4 digit number I knew.
The more I tried the more it would disable me for longer hours at a time.
Finally, as I was sitting down pondering out the window it came to me.
The year I was born.  Why hadn't I thought of that before???
Mr. Nielson and I attempted to drive to Salt Lake this morning after we dropped the children off at school.  Mr. Nielson needed to pick something up there and 
I wanted to go so we could sit close in the car and talk 
(maybe the prospect of eating at Chipotle for lunch persuaded me a little too).
We drove maybe 4 miles from our home and decided the snow was too scary, so we turned around.
I was disappointed.
When we got home, Mr. Nielson went back to work, and I got out every single colored bowl 
I have in my house and let Charlotte play with them.  
Then Nicholas came home from school. 
He wanted an egg sandwich- which I made him- and he didn't eat.
He took my phone and filmed the snow outside, his toys, 
me loading the dishwasher, oh, and me laying on the kitchen rug.
 {I love Nicholas' toes in the shot}

I never want these days to end.  
They are slow and quiet- sometimes boring and monotonous- 
but still there is something about them that I love.
And at the end of the day when I am in my bed I can recount
the classic things Nicholas said, the funny conversation I overheard the girls
sharing, and the image of Oliver talking to himself in the mirror.
And Charlotte pulling my hair when she nurses.
 And I am always ready to do it again tomorrow.