Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What I thought about while exercising today...

Today while exercising I had so many thoughts in my head.
Here is what I thought:
I am so thankful that each day I am more accepting of who I am.
I am who I am, God gave me my life, my children and my husband.
 I am to do the best with what He gave me.
{Me at the hospital checking my skin graphs...sometimes I really hurt}
I had an accident.  
It changed a lot in my life.  
It changed my appearance and the way my body physically
moves and how I function.  
It didn't scar my heart or my mind.
I had the choice to choose that.
I know bad things happen and I know people do dumb things that effect us.
It is up to us to decide how we react to those situations or people. 
 I am learning this everyday.
This is my life.  
I decided today that I am not going to sit in my room and cry on my bed 
because I overheard another
person today at the store comment on my appearance in a negative way.
I wanted to- believe me I did.
But I realized I could waste so much of my time doing that.
The people I love most who love and value me,
also call me mommy, or wife, or friend.
I am grateful each day gets easier for me physically and emotionally.
I am grateful for the opportunity I have to decide in my life.
No one makes me feel or do anything.
I can't blame anything in my life because of someone else's behavior.
I know we all have people in our lives who have hurt us.
Most of us have gone through hard or sad situations that were not our doing.
But we have the power to move on and then keep fighting.
I want my children to know that making continual GOOD choices will always bring 
happiness and when the hard comes, those good choices will help them get through.
And most of all, I want them to do their very best with what they have.
  With their life, their body, and situations- especially the hard ones.

{Here are some of my good choices:}

And THAT is what I thought about while exercising today.
The End.