Friday, December 14, 2012

Ode to my marriage-12 years.

My Mr. Nielson and I got married 
TWELVE years ago (on the 16th of December).
We are going to celebrate it all weekend long.
Tonight we will be at the beautiful Sundance Resort for a evening of
delicious dinner and a romantic sleepover in one of the the cozy cabins.
Saturday, we are planning on driving to Park City/Salt Lake areas to
look at homes and get ideas for our future home- someday.
{One of our favorite dates together.}
Saturday evening will then find us with the five children we created
as a result of our love, courtship, and wedding.
On Sunday- the actual annervisary, we will spend it again with our children
enjoying dinner together, reading journals and watching our wedding video.

I love you sweet darling boy.
We are still going strong and still alive.
I love you and I really love us.

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Have a great weekend

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