Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nicholas in Decemeber '12

 I picked up Nicholas today at school today.  He was unusually talkative.
As we were walking down the hall he said to me.
"I got in a fight today"
I was shocked and asked him what happened.
He told me some kid told him that he thought I looked funny.
Nicholas said he tackled him and his teacher didn't even see him do it.
I was happy and proud he stood up for me- even at six years old.
Day after day in the hospital I remember being so worried my children would be
embarrassed of my appearance to bring friends over to our house.
I was worried they wouldn't want me to pick them up at school 
or hold hands with them or even hug in public.  
Thankfully, that is not a problem- right now anyway.
Hopefully it will be the case forever.

We came home and I prepared lunch.  I went into the bathroom to wash my
 hands and Nicholas was standing on a stool, sink plugged, Gerald in hand.
I asked him what he was doing and he said Gerald hadn't been baptised yet,
 so he was taking care of that.  
I love my children.

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{Photo by BlueLily}