Monday, December 03, 2012

Charlotte sleeps at Target

{Lottie snoozes in Target, and then I cover her up on the way 
out so the sun won't wake her up...worked like a charm.}

How was your weekend?
I have started my Christmas shopping.  Have you?
Mostly online but I did find myself in Target last week.
Lottie shopped with me and was such a good girl but on the last isle, 
she began bobbing her little head and I knew I was losing her fast to dreamland.
At the checkout, I picked her up and she rested her head on my shoulder while
 I fumbled putting the goods up to the register.
I couldn't finish with her in my arms, so I lay my purse down in the cart
and lay her down on top of it.  Perfect resting place.
That sweetheart.  
She slept through it all and for about anther hour after I returned home.
I love that baby.  I love that baby so much.
I finished decorating my house for Christmas.
Like the Halloween decorations, my last touch was to put up the
 beautiful glass stars that Piggy and Dirt create.
This year I got a few new ones to add to my collection:
Get your stars for this beautiful holiday season.  
They make wonderful gifts too.
These stars make me so happy.
Happy Shopping!
Oh, and...If you need a good Christmas movie this year for your family, 
check out 'Stalking Santa'.  
My brother Chris and his wife Lisa are both in it.
Check out the trailer HERE