Monday, December 17, 2012


My heart breaks for the families in Connecticut. 
 Today and since Friday I have held my children close.
I have talked with my children
about those horrible events and tried to explain why.
All I could say to them that brought comfort and peace was that
I believed that angels were there at school with them that day.
They were close by, holding and caring for the children who were
frightened, scared, hurt or taken. 
I KNOW angels were there with those children.
They were baring them up and comforting them during such a horrible time.
Now those angels are comforting the families left, who are heartbroken because
they lost a loved one- a child.

 {Beautiful Photos by Justin Hackworth}

I am grateful for my knowledge of the
 Savior Jesus Christ and his great plan for us. 
 I know those families-all families, will be 
reunited with their children and loved ones again one day.
 I want to be diligent in praying with my children before school each day.
I want them to know that we started our day dedicated to God and
If anything should happen we prayed, and we know that
He is in control, He can bless, and He can and will heal broken hearts.

I am perfectly happy and content with my role as woman
and mother in the Mormon faith. I feel fulfilled and loved.
I believe if we have a personal relationship
with God and the Savior, Jesus Christ
and we feel confident in his love for us we don't need prove anything to anyone.
This is what I am going to adamantly teach my girls.