Thursday, December 13, 2012

A letter to my Mr.

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Last night I lay on the couch with our beautiful baby on my chest.
Our breathing was in sync.
I examined her little chubby fingers.
All I could think about was that she is mine.  I get to be her mother and take care of her.
She is perfect.  She is bright and beautiful.
Then I thought about you.
Thank you for her- for our Charlotte Christiansdatter.
Thank you for making me a mother.  I love being a mother.  I love being a wife...your wife.
Thank you for Claire Elizabeth.
Thank you for Jane Bronwyn.
Thank you for Oliver Christian.
Thank you for Nicholas Jones.
Together we created life.  I am honored and grateful everyday for them and for you.
I am grateful for my role as mother and wife. 
When I lay next to you in bed and I hear you breathe, I feel so thankful that I am still enjoying this mortal life with you. Sometimes its hard and sometimes its frustrating, but we have each other. 
We are lucky.
I am sorry my long black hair gets in your face when I sleep next to you.
You don't act like you mind, but I know you are just being very patient.
Thank you for being a wonderful, respectful father and a worthy husband.

I love you