Wednesday, November 21, 2012

St. Louis Day 1- Thanksgiving break '12

Day one of St. Louis found us at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
The children explored the beautiful grounds and Oliver pretended
he was an arm guy the whole time.  He'd hide behind trees and bushes and make
gun and explosion nosies only little boys can make.
After the gardens, we went to Ted Drewes.  
Of course the day wouldn't be complete without this famous frozen custard.

 Later that evening, Mr. Nielson and I saw the new movie out called ' Lincoln'.
It was fabulous!!  I was impressed and touched by how amazing Abe was,
and all he accomplished as President.
Our babysitter called us and said:
"Umm, you know your baby Charlotte, well, she's been crying the whole time"
{The movie was pretty long}