Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sarah Jane Portrait Project

Tonight my children wrote their Christmas lists.
I had them each rate from 1-10 how they think they have been the whole year.
I told them they had to turn their lists in to me on Friday before school.
I am excited to see what they wrote.

My sweet friend Sarah Jane has introduced a brand new product!  
She, {after a million requests...me included} decided to offer custom portraits.
Just last week, sweet Sarah showed up at my house 
with an amazing portrait of my children.
{see above}
I was lost for words.  It is the sweetest thing in my home.
If you want something similar of your children, 
your grandchildren, friends, whatever, 
Sarah will draw your child.
I asked her to draw my children each with a different woodland 
animal since they each love the outside and animals.
Sarah has completed Jane with a fox-it is perfect.
 I am so excited to see the other children's portraits, 
but for now I get to enjoy all my babies on the adorable brown bear.
{Here is my Jane with a fox}
Here are some other posts about how much I love Sarah 
and how she has made my home beautiful.
Here, Here
I am excited to share my portraits with you as I receive them
from her magical studio.