Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nutcracker Buffoons

My cute girls { Clane) danced in the Nutcracker ballet again this year.
They were little buffoons.
I was so proud of them.
I am still so amazed at ballet. 
Its so graceful, powerful and beautiful.
 * * * * *
I gave Clane my camera to take backstage.   
I told them to snap a few pictures of them in their costumes.
This is what I got:
{Cute neighbor Ella, Jane, cousin Harriet, and Claire}
{Dancers mixed with a few pink mice}
{Backstage...classic photo}
{Jane 's bottom half...crocs with snow leopard pants}
{A few soldiers}
{Harriet and Claire}
{Jane's MUG}
{Buffoon costumes}
{The beloved nutcracker-head}
Nutcracker last year HERE

Thank you Classical Ballet Academy, (Jennie) another beautiful performance again this year!
* * * * *
FYI:  Once I got asked to a dance in High School and as a creative prop,
my date used his old sister's toe shoes.
I will confess I tried those babies on and pretended I was a ballet dancer.
I kept those toe shoes and just last year
I pulled them out for my own girls to play with- 16 years later.
We still have them.
{Thanks Nate and sister...Erin?)