Friday, November 02, 2012

Jobs for Halloween

Mid August we received a magazine in the mail.
This magazine was all about Halloween costumes.
My children stewed for days over which costume they wanted.
Finally they all decided.  
I made a deal with them that I would buy their desired costumes 
if they each did 30 jobs each around the house (on top of their regular jobs).
They all agreed.
First, they made a chart which hung proudly in our laundry room.
Some day's they didn't want to do any jobs, sometimes they hated the job I needed them to do, but if all their jobs were not crossed off before Halloween- no costume.  
I was totally prepared to follow through too. 
 It was going to be super hard, but I was ready to do it!
This job chart was not as simple as it sounds.
If they disobeyed or fought with each other {which happened frequently)
 I added more jobs to their list.
Jane finished about a week before Halloween.
Claire finished four days before Halloween and Ollie two days after Claire.
But Nicholas was struggling. 
 We all cheered, and encouraged him on and hours before
 bedtime on Halloween eve, he finally finished!
{Claire was so excited when she finished, she ripped her chart up.
I found it in the garbage}
*Claire Carnival Queen*

*Jane Spooky Ghost*

 *Oliver Astronaut*
 *Nicholas Lizard Man*

{Photos by Justin Hackworth}

* * * * * *

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